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Cost of NMSU Online Programs and Courses 

  • The per credit hour cost is a fixed rate.
  • The per credit hour cost will be determined by the program or course level.
  • All out-of-state students and Active Military will be NMSU Online students.
  • The cost per semester will be the applicable fixed rate/credit hour x the number of credits.
  • Textbooks, uniforms, equipment, etc. are additional program costs. Check the Program Search information.
  • Additional per credit costs might be charged by the program, department or college. Check the Program Search information.
  • Institutional fees, such as the application and graduation fees, still apply and are charged separately.
NMSU Online Students Cost per credit hour
Undergraduate (Associates & Certificates for Out-of-state students)
Undergraduate (Bachelors, All students)
Graduate (All students)
Active Military (All students)
For NMSU Online programs and courses, the per credit cost is as stated. Special tuition agreements (Western Undergraduate Exchange,
Western Regional Graduate Program, Descubre, etc. ) are
not applicable to NMSU Online programs.

New Mexico Students Cost of Community College Online Programs and Courses.

The cost per credit hour for the online programs offered by the NMSU community colleges varies by campus and student location.

Online Community College Students Cost per credit hour
In-State but Out-of-District

*Calculations Include $25/credit hour online fee and other fees.

New Mexico Students

  • New Mexico residents taking online courses and programs will apply to one of New Mexico State University’s community colleges (link to System Campuses webpage).
  • To qualify for in-district rates a student must live in the community college district. Contact the appropriate community college to determine if you live In-District.
  • The NMSU Community Colleges offer a variety of online programs and courses.
  • Check the community college websites

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