Course Schedule

The NMSU system is made up of five campuses, each with its own unique campus code. NMSU Online is facilitated through Main Campus but has a separate campus code.

  • Main Campus (Las Cruces) – MA
    • NMSU Online (Las Cruces) – UO
  • Alamogordo Community College – AL
  • Carlsbad Community College – CA
  • Dona Ana Community College – DA
  • Grants Community College – GR
  • NMSU Online (UO) is a virtual campus that is facilitated through Main Campus and contains all NMSUO course sections. 
  • NMSUO serves students pursuing a fully online program.
  • All NMSUO courses will have the campus designation “UO” and course are coded U70-U81.
  • Online courses for Main Campus (M) or a community college branch campus (AL, DA, CC, GR) are coded by campus.
  • Search by campus (Main (Las Cruces) or branch campus) and “Online” (Instructional Method). 
  • Online courses will show “WEB” under classroom.
  • Tuition assessment will be determined by the campus offering the course.