Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

The area of study that provides individuals with the skills, techniques and tools to succeed in a wide range of organizational settings is Industrial Engineering. Industrial Engineering involves the design, installation, resource allocation and improvement of integrated systems. These systems may be composed of one, some, or all of the following: people, information, equipment, energy, materials, software and processes. If solving problems, interacting on multidisciplinary teams, and working in one of the many facets of Industrial Engineering are of interest to you, then consider our program. What you can expect from is the following: a foundation in industrial engineering tools and methodologies an understanding of how systems are designed, improved and installed the ability to work in teams with other engineers and business people the ability to write and speak clearly and convincingly the ability to think from a “systems” perspective the ability to analyze and solve problems.

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College: Engineering
Program Credits: 30 credits
Program Length: 2 years
Cost Per Credit Hour: $411.50
Active Military Cost Per Credit Hour: $250
College of Engineering Technology Fee: $145 per student per semester

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

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