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Professional Master's in Data Analytics

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Data analytics is an inherently interdisciplinary discipline, dealing with methods and systems to synthesize knowledge or insights from large quantities of data collected from heterogeneous sources and diverse spatial and time scales. Data analytics employs theories, methodologies, and tools drawn from many fields, within the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, and computer and information sciences, and applies them to a diversity of data-rich domains, such as life sciences, medicine, physical sciences, social sciences, engineering, business, and education.

Explore Professional Master’s in Data Analytics

The PMS in Data Analytics will provide students with a strong foundation in data management and analysis, the computational and statistical thinking, and understanding of computer systems. After completing this program, students will have gained the skills and ability to:

  • Analyze real-life data from diverse sources and domains
  • Effectively apply analytics tools to large data sets
  • Apply mathematical and statistical models to data analysis problems
  • Apply computational thinking to develop effective data analytics solutions
  • Apply programming and debugging skills to problem solving
  • Understand and use computer technology and software in solving real-life data analysis problems
  • Understand and address unfamiliar problems related to data analytics
  • Develop effective instrument to communicate solutions to diverse audiences

Scholarships and financial aid

NMSU helps to keep your tuition costs affordable. But if you need financial help, NMSU is ready to work with you to determine the best ways to finance your education to earn your Data Analytics Master’s.

Financial assistance includes loans, grants, and scholarship opportunities. To apply, use NMSU’s convenient Scholar Dollar$ one-stop scholarship application,which serves all students in the NMSU system.

NMSU Online students are also eligible for loans and grants. The first step in applying for financial aid is to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Learn more about financial aid opportunities at NMSU.


Degree type: Professional Master’s in Data Analytics

College: College of Arts and Sciences

Department: Computer Science

Delivery formats: 100% online

Program lenght: Full-time (1.5-2 years); part-time (up to 3-4 years)

Cost per credit hour:

  • Graduate online: $444.40*†
  • Active Military online: $250*†

Accredited by: NMSU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

*For NMSU Online programs and courses, the per credit hour cost is listed above. Special tuition agreements (Western Undergraduate Exchange, Descubre, etc.) are not applicable to NMSU Online programs. Course fees still apply and are charged separately. Textbooks, uniforms, equipment, etc., are additional program costs. Additional per credit costs might be charged by the program, department or college.

†For on-campus students, find tuition and fees here.

Program Highlights

The professional focus of the degree will prepare students for success in the workplace, with an emphasis on enriching the preparation of students who are already in the workplace and are seeking technical skills to advance their careers in the data analytics domain. 

Quick Fact

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a median salary of $59,680 for Data Scientist.

What can you do with a Professional Master degree in Data Analytics from NMSU Online?

Careers positions

NMSU graduates of the Data Analytics professional master’s program will be prepared for the workforce and a range of professional positions, including: 

  • Data Scientist
  • Computer Systems Design
  • Technical Consulting
  • Scientific Researcher
  • Degree granted from New Mexico State University
  • Asynchronous courses delivery to accommodate student schedules & needs
  • 30 credits [3 semesters and a summer, 9 credits/semester; students may enroll part time]
  • In person courses are permissible 
  • Industry experience encouraged 


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