Associate of Arts

The Associate of Arts degree represents the completion of the first two years of a bachelor’s degree fulfilling the general education requirements and any specific major and foreign language requirements as needed. The degree provides students with a strong foundation in quantitative reasoning, oral and written communication, lab science, humanities and the arts, and the social and behavioral sciences. The Associate of Arts can support career advancement, and prepares students for careers in or a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, Communication Studies, English, History, Languages, Math, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Theater, or Gender and Sexuality Studies.

With this strong foundation, students are well prepared to complete an NMSU Online Bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Science, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Sociology and more. A Bachelor’s degree can also can be pursued on-campus at NMSU Las Cruces, or another four-year institution.

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College: Alamogordo, Dona Ana, and Grants Community Colleges Online
Program Credits: 60 credits
Program Length: 2-4 years
Cost Per Credit Hour: NMSU Community College Rates

Associate of Arts: Alamogordo,
Dona Ana, and Grants.

Admissions: Alamogordo,
Dona Ana,  and Grants.

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Name: Samantarai Yrigoyen

Title: Student Program Coodinator

Phone: 800 662-6678