Associate in Pre-Business

The Associate in Pre-Business degree prepares students for entry-level business positions. The two-year curriculum provides students with the necessary general education and lower division business core courses that constitute a solid base for a bachelor’s degree in one of the many areas of business concentration including accounting, finance, management, marketing, real estate, and economics. Graduates who earn an Associate in Pre-Business and meet the admission requirements can transfer to one of three Bachelor of Business Administration degrees (General Business, Marketing, or Information Systems) offered through NMSU Online.

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College: AlamogordoDona Ana, and Grants Community Colleges Online
Program Credits: 60 credits
Program Length: 2-4 years
Cost Per Credit Hour: NMSU Community College Rates

Associate in Pre-Business: Alamogordo,
Dona Ana, and Grants.

Admissions: Alamogordo, 
Dona Ana,  and Grants.

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Name: Samantarai Yrigoyen

Title: Student Program Coodinator

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