Associate of Science

The Associate of Science degree represents the completion of the first two years of several bachelor's degree programs related to the sciences. Courses are taught by qualified full-time and adjunct instructors, who are experts in their field and trained in online teaching. The Associate of Science degree offers the choice of four options. The four options allow for an easier transition into the corresponding campus-based baccalaureate science major at New Mexico State University or another 4-year institution. For an Associate of Science degree, the student must earn at least 16 credits in laboratory sciences including at least one two-semester course sequence and additional credits of electives Math and Science G courses or Engineering courses to meet 60 credits (usually 12 credits).

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College: AlamogordoDona Ana 
and Grants Community Colleges Online
Program Credits: 60 credits
Program Length: 2-4 years
Cost Per Credit Hour: NMSU Community College Rates

Associate of Science: Alamogordo,
Dona Ana, and Grants.

Admissions: Alamogordo, Dona Ana,  and Grants.

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