Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Gender and Sexuality Studies is especially equipped to meet the challenges of our current moment and to shape inclusive and just futures. Our courses open minds and change lives. Students in our program pursue an interdisciplinary education that emphasizes social justice through the development of critical thinking, research, creativity, and analytical skills. Developing a strong understanding of gender, race, sexuality, gender identity, class, disability, and other social categories equips students with the skills to pursue vocations related to advocacy, art, business, community organizing and restoration, education, film criticism, government, law, literary studies, non-profit organizations, political participation, social services employment, and more. The preparation in critical thinking and social awareness that an interdisciplinary education provides is also an excellent background for students planning to pursue graduate and professional degrees in this and many other majors.

Program Information

College: Arts and Sciences

Program Credits: 120 credits

Program Length: 4 years

Cost Per Credit Hour: $395.40

Program Chair: Dr. Laura Anh Williams


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