Faculty NMSU Online FAQs

Below you will find answers to a number of common questions about NMSU Online. If you have other questions or concerns, please take a few moments to explore our website or contact us for more information.

     NMSU Online is a campus (“technical campus”) within the Las Cruces campus and not a separate campus.

      There are several reasons for NMSU Online:

  • Leverage the NMSU system to offer fully online Bachelor’s degrees and clarify online and distance degree pathways.
  • Easier for prospective students to identify NMSU’s online and distance programs.
  • Clearly identify and better serve our online and distance students.
  • Improve the alignment of resources for all stakeholders. 
  • Create a brand for more efficient marketing. 

     NMSU Online students are students earning an online or distance degree offered by the Las Cruces campus. Students earning an online degree or credential offered by an NMSU community college are students of the community college and not NMSU Online.

     “UO” is the campus code for NMSU Online students. The NMSU Online Program Codes start with UOU for undergraduate programs and UOG for graduate programs, then use the same designation program and degree level designations as campus-based program codes. For example, the Bachelor of Information Communication Technology is coded MA-ICT-BS and the online program code is UOU-ICT-BS or the online Master of Arts in Sociology is UOG-SOC-MA.

     The NMSU Online courses are cross-listed courses with a different Course Registration Number (CRN). The sections are coded with a U section number that designates the number of seats set aside for NMSU Online students. In the Look Up Classes and the Course Schedule Search, NMSU Online courses are found by selecting the Campus: NMSU – Online. 

     “U” seats/sections are offered by the five NMSU campuses, but not for all online courses. The “U” designation follows the same format as a standard course section designation (UXX, MXX, AXX, CXX, DXX, GXX). The difference being “U” seats are available only to NMSU Online students and the campus designated course sections are for campus-based students taking both face-to-face and online courses.   

     NMSU Online students can register for “U” course seats/sections only, anytime during the registration period. Throughout the registration period for each semester, seats may be redistributed as needed to meet student demand in NMSU Online or at the offering campus. 

     The “U” designated seats/sections are only available to NMSU Online students. An NMSU Online student (UO) is coded with an NMSU Online Banner program code. Examples:

  • UOU-FCS-BS indicates: UO campus, Undergraduate level, Family Consumer Sciences program, Bachelor of Science degree,
  • UOU-BBA-GB indicates: UO campus, Undergraduate level, Bachelor of Business Administration program, General Business degree

UOG-SPAN-MA indicates: UO campus, Graduate level, Spanish program, Master of Arts degree. 

     NMSU Online course sections and seats are established by the department, Program Coordinator and or Associate Academic Dean following the schedule and processes established by University Student Records (USR) or Community College. During the schedule proofs cycle, UO campus sections will be scheduled on a separate proof spreadsheet. Please indicate any cross-listed section information in the Notes/Comments column on both the UO proof and the offering campus proof.

     The department, Program Coordinator and or Associate Academic Dean decides the number of seats allocated to the cross-listed sections and the course capacity. For example, in the past UNIV 100 has had 40 seats, and now 30 seats are allocated to NMSU main campus and 10 seats are allocated for the NMSUO section. Since the two sections will be cross-listed,  there will still be a total of 40 seats for UNIV 100.

     After the class schedule is published, departments can make changes using the Academic Schedule Modification Request form. This form works for UO courses across the system. To cross-list a course or add an NMSU Online section or regular online section use the “Add a new course” option under the Change Request. Multiple submissions can be completed on one submission via the (Optional) Special Instructions textbox. 

     To change the number of seats in existing cross-listed courses select “Change an existing course” under the Change Request option. 

     Depending on how many change requests are in the queue it may take several days for the changes to appear in the Course Schedule. 

      Seats can be transferred between U and M cross-listed sections via the Academic Schedule Modification Request. Submit a Change request to “Change an existing course” and in the (Optional) Special Instructions textbox identify how many seats and what course sections. 

     In Canvas the cross-listed “U” and campus online class sections are combined in the same academic course, if the course sections are cross-listed in the Course Schedule/Banner. The online instructor will just see the list of students in People and not be able to tell “U’ from “M” students. In Banner, the cross-listed “U” and “M” course sections are separate. Faculty will still be able to automatically transfer grades from Canvas to Banner as they do now.

     Before the first day of school for the semester start month, submit an Academic Schedule Modification Request form. Select “Change request” and complete the form with the information for one of the courses that needs to be cross listed and in the (Optional) Special Instructions, include the CRN and section number for the cross-listed course section. On the first of the semester start month, when the courses are loaded in Canvas the cross-listed courses will load as planned automatically. 

      After the first day of school for the semester start month, submit a Cross List Canvas Course form  as well.  For example, for fall semester August 1st is the day academic course shells are loaded in Canvas. In order not to override the data in the academic course shell, the cross-listing has to be done separately in Canvas and then in Banner via the Academic Schedule Modification Request form. 

     If the cross listed course sections are not combined in Canvas, submit a Cross List Canvas Course form. 

     Current undergraduate and graduate students in online and distance programs can request a change of campus either into or out of NMSU Online by emailing online@nmsu.edu from their student email account. The email must include the student’s name, Aggie ID, and desired campus/program of study.

     The UG, GR, and Active Duty Military costs are flat rates per credit hour. Institutional fees are NOT charged separately. Special tuition rates and waivers do NOT apply. The cost of NMSU Online is the cost. 
     If charged, college, program, and course fees still apply. For example, the College of Business $250 per credit hour fee for the online MBA program will be charged. 

     Ten percent (10%) of the NMSUO tuition is allocated back to the College (5%) and Department (5%).  Since Community Colleges are funded independently, those Community College courses that support NMSUO bachelor’s degrees will receive 67% of the tuition generated by those courses.

     Department heads and or Associate Academic Deans are the first point of contact about NMSU Online course sections/seats. 

     Email online@nmsu.edu or call 575-646-8231 or 888-729-6678.