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We hope you find the following resources and tips useful for your continued learning in your online courses.  Click on the titles to view the information in each section.

Welcome students!

Current NMSU – Las Cruces students although your face-to-face course(s) have to transition online, your home campus will remain NMSU – Las Cruces students. NMSU Online is a technical campus for students pursuing a New Mexico State University Online (NMSUO) fully online or distance-based program.

All classes will resume on March 30, starting at the same time as before Spring Break unless you have been told otherwise by your instructor. Your instructor will be emailing you to advise you how to restart a course that previously met in person and now will meet online.

If you have not heard from your instructor by Monday morning, please do the following:

  1.  Log into your course Canvas site at or before the same time your class used to start and look for instructions there.
  2. If your course did not use a Canvas site, and you have not heard from your instructor by Monday morning, please call your Dean’s Office (see contact information below).
    • College of Agriculture, Consumer & Environmental Sciences: 575-646-1120
    • College of Arts & Sciences: 575-646-2001
    • College of Business: 575-646-2821
    • College of Education: 575-646-5858
    • College of Engineering: 575-646-2912
    • College of Health Sciences & Services: 575-646-4691
    • Honors College: 575-646-2005

Visit NMSU’s COVID-19 webpage for updates and important information.

Coronavirus NMSU status updates.

NMSU Information Line 575-646-7373 for information concerning operations during the COVID-19 situation.

Student COVID19 memo March 16 FINAL

Get Prepared

Get Online

Get Started

  • Save your instructors’ contact information. Just in case you have to contact your instructors outside of Canvas, having their contact information on hand is highly recommended, especially in case of an emergency. 
  • Setup Notifications in Canvas. Customizing your notification preferences will keep you current on course updates and help you stay on track in your courses. Notification preferences apply to all your online courses. 
  • Review the updated course syllabus. Due to the extended spring break and ongoing uncertainty, the syllabi for your courses should be updated to reflect the changes.
  • Check exam proctoring requirements. Review any exam proctoring requirements. You might have to download Respondus Lockdown Browser to your computer. 
  • Use one calendar. Use the Canvas calendar to keep important due dates in one calendar. To keep yourself organized, review the assignments and due dates for all your courses.  

Stay on Track

  • Create your learning plan. Schedule your learning time, similar to attending your face-to-face classes. 
  • Log in everyday. Getting online for class everyday is an important strategy for implementing your learning plan, staying organized and on schedule, and staying informed about any changes.
  • Communicate with your instructors. There are different ways to communicate with your instructors both in Canvas and outside of Canvas. It’s important to ask questions, let instructors know what’s going on, and be “present” in the course.
  • Connect with fellow students. There are different ways to connect with your fellow students in Canvas and outside of it. Establish those communication channels and use them to support each other and the class to stay on track in the course.
  • Submit assignments on time. Due dates are due dates. If you haven’t submitted assignments online, it’s not hard. However, be aware of the allowed assignment file formats. Let your instructors know in advance if you’ll be late submitting an assignment. Provide the reason and when you will be submitting the assignment.
  • Keep track of the open and close dates and times for Quizzes. If you miss an exam/test or there is a technology glitch then contact the instructor about the possibility of reopening it. 
  • You can do this! Ask for help from your instructors, fellow students,,, and other units so you finish the semester strong!


NMSU 10 Tips for Distance Learning

Texas A&M’s Tips for Working from Home


Determine if exam proctoring is required by your instructors and if the exam requires Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB). Download NMSU’s installer for Respondus Lockdown Browser. If you need help installing LDB, contact or call (575) 646-5125.

Please note, Respondus LockDown Browser is only compatible with Windows, OS X and iOS. It doesn’t work with the Chrome browser and Android devices.

There might also be issues with devices  (computers, laptops, tablets, etc.) that are too old to run Respondus LockDown Browser. 

Respondus LockDown Browser Student Resources 

Exam Proctoring Online with ProctorU

Final exams proctored by ProctorU will be free for NMSU – Las Cruces students, as follows:

  • Only final exams administered from May 4th through May 15th
  • For final exams administered in Canvas Quizzes or access through Canvas. 
  • One free final exam* per course
  • Only proctored final exams scheduled with 72-hour advance scheduling (Flex Scheduling).
  • Create your ProctorU account.
  • Show up for your proctored exam with ProctorU as scheduled. 

*If you miss your scheduled exam, you will have to pay for additional exam proctoring sessions. 

If you need help creating your ProctorU account, visit LINK.

For more information contact or call 575-639-4638.

NMSU Grading

Student Frequently Asked Questions

What grading options are available for me for Spring 2020?

Before changing your grading scheme, please talk to your advisors and faculty!

Traditional (Letter) Grades: The default grading scheme for students remains the same, e.g., traditional letter grades as outlined in your course syllabus.  If you’d like to continue on with your course and feel the letter grade best represents your learning in the course (not adversity you may have faced due to the COVID-19 epidemic) you don’t need to change anything about your grade.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory: For Spring Semester 2020 only, you may also opt to change your grading scheme to Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory (S/U) through May 6th, 2020.  Opting-in to S/U is an option if you’d like to protect your GPA from potential adversity as a result of COVID-19 changes in your life and you can do this in  Your faculty member will still measure your progress in the course at the end of the semester to see if you earned “Satisfactory” or “Unsatisfactory” points in the course.

Withdrawal: You may Withdraw (“W”) by April 17th, 2020.  Please note that W-grades do not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (letter grades and S/U do) and can adversely impact Financial Aid eligibility.

Incomplete: Incomplete (I) grades remain an option.  Talk to your faculty member to see if an “Incomplete” grade is a good option for you. Please note that I-grades do not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (while letter grades and S/U do) and can adversely impact your Financial Aid eligibility.

Do I still need to go to class, if I select a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory grade?
Yes, keep attending class.  S/U is not like a “Withdrawal.”  To earn a “Satisfactory” grade, you must have earned 70% or greater in the course overall.  Please continue working in your class, and decide on if S/U would be an option for you if closer to the end of the semester, in case you get sick or your circumstances change.

How is an S/U different from a letter grade?

The key difference for students who opt for S/U is the grade is not used to calculate your GPA (for better or worse.)

For undergraduates, a grade of S is equivalent to a C- or better, for graduates it can vary by department so you should check first.

What does an S/U mean for courses that are prerequisites for subsequent NMSU courses and graduation?   “S” grades fulfill the prerequisite requirements for NMSU courses; “U” grades will not.

How will this effect admission to XXX (school, program, etc.)?

Programmatic and college admissions procedures vary widely. If you are on a trajectory toward a competitive admission program (graduate or professional school, limited admission health program, etc.) please go to your program/college’s guidance on grade requirements.  Some programs/schools may not accept S/U grades for prerequisites or admission.


Online Tutoring

Campus Tutoring Services is offering individual and group tutoring by appointment through Zoom.  Visit the Campus Tutoring Services to schedule a session. Tutoring days and hours are as follows: 

Monday – Thursday10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday12:00 – 5:00 pm
Sunday12:00 – 8:00 pm

For additional information call 646-1342 or e-mail   

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Extended ICT Help Desk hours

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Online Tutoring

Campus Tutoring Services is offering individual and group tutoring by appointment through Zoom.  Visit the Campus Tutoring Services to schedule a session. Tutoring days and hours are as follows: 

Monday – Thursday10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday12:00 – 5:00 pm
Sunday12:00 – 8:00 pm

For additional information call 646-1342 or e-mail   

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