New Degree/Certificate Survey

Information to be used to populate online recruitment tool

  • Program name as it appears in the Catalog
  • Description that gives students an overview of your program (150 word limit)
  • This will be used to send students to your program's web site.
  • Please indicate an average range of expenses that a student incurs when earning your degree/certificate. This could include lab fees, books, and/or software. Do not itemize!
  • Please provide statements that can be used to promote your program. Is your program accredited by an independent body? Does your program incorporate industry certifications? Are faculty members of boards or advisory bodies? Target Market? Percentage of graduate placement? Notable alumni? (Please place commas between statements)
  • Students can search for key words located in the title of degree/certificate followed by keywords. Attached with the link to this form, you have a list of all programs/cip codes and keywords that correspond to each program. Please enter the keywords that you agree describe your program and add any new keyword that are appropriate. (Please place commas between keywords)