Registration - Make It Happen​

It’s easy to register 100% online in the Student section of your NMSU account ( Registering for Class is a great place to start so you know what to do, and when and how to do it.

Students who are in online Bachelor’s and Graduate degree programs are in the NMSU Online campus (UO) and can register for U70 through U89 sections offered across the NMSU system from all the campuses:

  • NMSU Online – UMAWB, UALWB, UCAWB, UDAWB, UGRWB – WEB – U70, U71, etc.

Campus codes: UMA = Las Cruces campus, UAL – Alamogordo CC campus, UCA = Carlsbad CC campus, UDA = Dona Ana CC campus, and UGR = Grants CC campus.

Students who are in online NMSU Community College (CC) Certificate and Associate’s degree programs are students of their respective CC campuses. They should register for their online course sections, with the following designations:

  • Alamogordo Community College – ALONWB -WEB- A20, A21, etc.
  • Carlsbad Community College – CAONWB-WEB-C71,C72, etc.
  • Dona Ana Community College – DAONWB- WEB-D01, D02, etc.
  • Grants Community College – GRONWB-WEB-G70, G71, etc.

There is a Registration by Classification schedule so you know when you can register.  You will register for fall semester in the previous spring and summer. Summer registration happens in the previous spring. Spring registration happens the previous fall. Registering per the schedule helps ensure you get the classes you need to complete your program on your timeline.

There are a limited number of online eight week Mini-Semester Courses offered in the fall and spring semesters. Registration for these courses happens on a different schedule.

Visit The Office of University Student Records for more important information.