Requiring a Proctored Exam

Instructor Tips
  • Limit the number of proctored exams.
  • Leave exams open for at least two days to accommodate student schedules.
  • Request proctoring early (preferably before the semester begins).
  • Use multiple methods (syllabus, announcements, email, etc.) to inform students about proctoring.
  • If mailing test materials or supplies, allow 1 week for delivery.
  • If your exam is on Canvas, make sure to provide the passwords for accessing the exam.

The Office of Distance Education provides exam proctoring for NMSUO and  NMSU Las Cruces campus students taking your online course, who are truly at a distance; or can’t make it to the Las Cruces campus to take an exam at the department due to work responsibilities; or are homebound due to a medical condition.

The NMSU Office of Distance Education offers three proctoring services to instructors:

Offsite for NMSUO and NMSU-LC Students

1. Coordination and verification of offsite proctors for students who are taking an NMSUO or NMSU-LC campus course, but cannot come to the NMSU-LC campus.

Onsite for NMSU-LC Students

2. Administration of proctored exams on the Las Cruces (LC) campus for NMSU- LC campus students taking online courses from either another NMSU campus or university.*

Onsite for NMSUO and NMSU-LC Students

3. Online exam proctoring with ProctorU, if permitted by the instructor. ProctorU upgraded to Live+ with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the live proctoring experience, The instructor is responsible for establishing a ProctorU account and setting up the exam in the account. The student is responsible for payment. Visit ProctorU site to learn more about their online proctoring service and read the ProctorU Faculty handout.

For questions about the NMSU Office of Distance Education proctoring services, contact or call (575) 646-5632.

Syllabus Statement

If you are requiring exam proctoring for your online course, you need to include this information in your syllabus. A syllabus statement template is provided for you to customize for your course via the menu under Faculty or by clicking on syllabus statement.

Las Cruces Campus Proctoring

The Office of Distance Education proctors both paper/pencil and online tests for NMSU-LC  students taking an online course from other NMSU campuses and other universities. To schedule a proctored exam at the NMSU-Las Cruces Office of Distance Education:

  1. Complete the Las Cruces Campus – Instructor Request for Administration of a Proctored Exam at least 10 business days before the test or quiz. Please include a list of students (name, email, phone) who will be proctored.
  2. After reviewing your form, you will be contacted within 2 business days to verify receipt of your submission.
  3. Inform students of dates, times and location of proctoring. Students will need to bring 2 forms of  ID, with at least one being a picture ID.
  4. If applicable, arrange to have exam materials and supplies emailed at least 2 business days before the exam start date.
    Drop off: Milton Hall, Room 185H
     Exam Proctor, Office of Distance Education, New Mexico State University, Box 30001, MSC 3IIQ, Las Cruces, NM 88003
    Fax: (575) 646-5632
Note: Walk-in test proctoring is not available.

Off-site Proctoring

Students who cannot make the trip to campus will be responsible for arranging for local proctoring in a timely fashion, at least 2 weeks prior to the first exam. We will make every attempt to accommodate a last minute request in the case of extenuating circumstances.

In order to take an off-site proctored exam, students are required to complete the Offsite Proctored Student Testing Form . The NMSU Office of Distance Education will review and approve (or deny) this request.

ProctorU Online Exam Proctoring

If you are allowing online exam proctoring through ProctorU, you need to submit a  Las Cruces Campus – Instructor Request for Administration of a Proctored Exam. Your exam must be an online exam administered through a learning management system.

Other NMSU Campus Proctoring Services

For information about proctoring at Alamogordo, Carlsbad, DACC, and Grants, please contact the appropriate campus: