State Authorization

If you live outside New Mexico and are currently enrolled in or are planning to enroll in a Distance Education program at NMSU, the following State Authorization information applies to you.

Recent amendments in the Higher Education Act of 1965, in addition to established consumer protection laws, require institutions offering distance education to students in other states to be legally “authorized” by the regulatory bodies in the other states to provide distance education courses. NMSU is in the process of becoming authorized in as many states as possible to maximize educational access to our Distance Education programs and courses for students across the country. 

In May 2015, New Mexico was recognized as a SARA state by the National Council for SARA. In June 2019, NMSU renewed its status as a SARA institution. NMSU has been a SARA institution since June 2015. Additionally, NMSU works with state agencies to obtain authorizations and exemptions as required by that state’s laws and be in regulatory compliance. Since securing and maintaining authorization to provide DE degree programs and courses in every state is an ongoing process, NMSU’s state authorization status will be updated as circumstances change. 

NMSU Online’s (NMSUO) degree programs leading to professional licensure are designed to meet licensure requirements in New Mexico and may also meet the requirements for licensure in other states. However, since requirements vary by statethere is no guarantee of obtaining licensure outside of New Mexico. If you are interested in being licensed in another locationplease visit Professional Licensure Disclosures for guidance on the licensure status of your program in that location 

Please note it is the student’s responsibility to understand the situation and requirements in their state of residence for taking Distance Education offerings from out-of-state providers. Visit Check Your State to review NMSU’s authorization status in your state.