System Campuses

New Mexico State University Online serves students who are currently or interested in pursuing a degree or certification program online. NMSU Online offers both hybrid and fully online programs. It leverages our strength as a system coordinating the offerings across all five NMSU campuses to expand learning opportunities for all students.

A student living in one of NMSU’ s  community college districts taking a program 100% online remains a student of the community college. This provides the most affordable option for in-district students and respects the local mil levy that supports the community college.



Alamogordo  NMSU-A offers 13 100% online programs with a focus on quality online courses, programs and faculty to prepare students for further education or entering the workforce.
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Carlsbad NMSU-C offers 5 online programs. All courses are 100% online! Our Associate and Certificate programs include: Health Information Technology, Pre-business, General Studies, and the Arts. . Learn more 

Dona Ana




Dona Ana NMSU-DACC offers 10 online programs including an Associate of Public Health and a Certificate in Computer Information Technology helping you to start an exciting new career. Learn more





Grants NMSU-G offers seven 100% online programs including a Certificate of Game Design and an Associate of Applied Science in Creative Media expanding your employment opportunities.Learn more 

Las Cruces



Las CrucesNMSU-LC offers 35+ online and hybrid Bachelors, Masters, Graduate Certificates and Doctorates helping you to BE BOLD and Shape Your Future.>Learn more